Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Moon Rising

A bit of drabble here, might not expand on it, or perhaps they aren’t all human… 


“You need a little extra there.” 

The paunched man grunted and eyed the new guy. Guy was a misnomer. The boy was frankly larval, and about as attractive. 

“I got this, now shove off.” 

“But Skewer said to cover anything that might, you know, flash in the moonlight.” 

That made the older man’s eyes narrow, and he made a rude gesture. 

“So, you know, your head…?” 

The room stopped for a split second. There were six of them in the squalid room, the only one in the house with no windows. The leader of the gang had insisted on no windows where planning or any ‘talk’ was going to happen. He’d seen somewhere, probably a movie, that the police could listen through glass with technology. He was strange, but the men had worked with him before, and he had gotten them to some rich hauls, and even more important, not caught. The kid, though. The kid was new. 

“What. Did. You say?” The man was frankly glaring now. He’d levered himself off the stinking mattress with surprising speed, and the boy yelped, backpedaling, nearly dropping the can of boot black he’d been holding. The stuff they were using to camouflage their pale skin, those that had it. 


“Stuff it, Ed. You’re gone bald. Just ‘cause you don’ wanna admit it, don’t mean the moon ain’t gonna spotlight you out there.” 

“Yeah.” The two speakers were both leaning against the wall, and neither of them would need to add more camouflage. The tall one sniffed wetly. “Just black up. Man, bald is beautiful, hadn’t you heard?”


I was prompted this week by Fiona Grey, with “No one told the thief he had a bald spot. It was fine, until that moonlit heist…” 

I prompted Padre with “coffee, cocoa, tea…” 

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