A long story

Well, technically eleven thousand words still falls into short story range. But given that I wrote ten thousand of those words in the last three days, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I have the writing brain back online, and fully operational. Between delivering the Flipped Tropes anthology shorts, the Space Cowboys short, and now getting this one written for my upcoming release of a fantasy collection, I’ve managed almost a half-novels worth of writing in the last month. Which means it’s time to turn that wordflow on for the novel. 

But first, I need to sort the house out, have a couple of friends over for Tea, think about the cover art and blurb for the story collection, and read through the brand-new Lawdog tale I’ll be illustrating this upcoming month. It’s going to be a good month. 

There’s a hit of dopamine when you finish a project. I’m definitely riding on that high this morning, which is a good thing given I haven’t really been focused on anything but writing since my weekend started early Friday. I have stuff to do! I can’t start thinking about the next story yet. I’ve gone from begging my muse to wake up, to trying to beat her off me with a stick. Life of a writer. 

But first – reference photos of goats, for the Lawdog story. Hm. I wonder what having goats aboard the Tanager would be like? 


Goat in Snow rendered with Midjourney

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