Art, Musing

Planning ahead

I have a little art project in mind for the first 100 days of 2023. I’d run across the idea through an artist friend, so it’s hardly original. But it looks like a lot of fun, and after nearly all of 2022 was focused on black and white line art, and digital, to boot, I’m… Read More Planning ahead

Books, Short Story

A Crow Moon Rises

I’m slowly putting together the next book. This one is going to be a little different. Like Warp Resonance, it will be a collection of short stories rather than a single work. However, Crow Moon will be focused on my fantasy works. The stories will range from romantic to very dark, and I’m arranging their… Read More A Crow Moon Rises


A long story

Well, technically eleven thousand words still falls into short story range. But given that I wrote ten thousand of those words in the last three days, I’m pretty pleased with myself. I have the writing brain back online, and fully operational. Between delivering the Flipped Tropes anthology shorts, the Space Cowboys short, and now getting… Read More A long story