Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Flick

The boy dragged the it of the broken branch laboriously through the damp sand. It made a fine writing surface, with the tide gone out. He could scratch in it to his heart’s content, and then when the waves came back, whatever he’d written would be erased. The same could not be said of paper.… Read More Odd Prompts: Flick

Cooking, Food

Orange Blossoms

I’m a child of the North. I’ve never walked through an orchard of orange trees, with their heady perfume, but I’ve read about it. Perhaps some day. I do know that it is nothing like the same sort of stroll through a blooming apple orchard. Apple blossoms, fleeting delicate petals that begin to fall almost… Read More Orange Blossoms

Ok here's what were gonna do

New Host

I’ve moved the site to a new host, for a number of reasons. In the process of migration – which I had done for me, so much easier than managing it myself! I’ve migrated the site on my own twice, and it was a lengthy and painful process every time, because I don’t know what… Read More New Host

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Catch

The cat was doing some slick moves, I had to admit, some kind of soft-shoe dance with his tail adding a shimmy no human would ever be able to match. He ended with that ridiculous top hat rolling down his arm, popping off his paw, and coming right at me. I caught it reflexively, and… Read More Odd Prompts: Catch


Musing on Motherhood

I’ve been a mother for a little over twenty-four years, now. I say a little over, as I gave birth to my first child just about twenty-four years ago at the time of the post, and I was certainly a mother even before she arrived into the cold January of a New England winter. My… Read More Musing on Motherhood

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Everything

“I can’t do everything. I want to.” She angled her palms, as though she were pouring out water from them. “I can’t.”  “No one expects you to.” Ella reached for Bonnie’s hands. “John would be unhappy to see you like this.”  “I know. I’ve been cheerful when he’s called, but he said… he said last… Read More Odd Prompts: Everything


Winter Garden

I’m hopefully going to take advantage of a mild weather week here in North Central Texas to do some outdoor work. My garden here at the Crooked House is as wonky as the interior of the house, and I’m hoping to establish some things now, so they have a chance to survive the Summer.  Like… Read More Winter Garden