Musing on Motherhood

I’ve been a mother for a little over twenty-four years, now. I say a little over, as I gave birth to my first child just about twenty-four years ago at the time of the post, and I was certainly a mother even before she arrived into the cold January of a New England winter. My life has revolved around four precious babies since that time. as they arrived one at a time. And now? My youngest is strengthening his flight feathers in preparation for that last mad scramble from the nest, which we both hope will end with a triumphant soaring into adulthood. 

Which means, in a somewhat more practical note, that I had a motherhood milestone today. The Little Man went out shopping all by himself, and bought pants. 


So proud! 

I mean, I gave him the money for them, but I didn’t have to go along, badger him into trying them on, and deal with bored whining. Going further back into his past, I didn’t have to stand in the door yelling ‘You need pants!’ as a giggling streaker made a dash through the house. Nor explain for the umpteenth time that no, underwear are not pants, and you need more pants! 

He starts up his next semester of school tomorrow, and he’s excited for it. This will finish up his Basic Welding certificate, which he and I plan to have him finish with the Advanced, and have an Associates in Welding under his belt when he leaves the nest. It could be a really good start for him.

The Little Man, wearing pants, and Inspector Gidget, his devoted cat.

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