Ok here's what were gonna do

New Host

I’ve moved the site to a new host, for a number of reasons. In the process of migration – which I had done for me, so much easier than managing it myself! I’ve migrated the site on my own twice, and it was a lengthy and painful process every time, because I don’t know what I’m doing. This time I paid the pros to handle it, and other than the whole process taking far longer than I realized it would, it seems to have come off very well. 

You might notice I’ve lost a post. I had been backing up the site, but between migration and… I dunno. Internet gremlins? I can’t upload my latest backup. Which I knew might happen, so I had been putting off blogging very much this last week. Now, though, I can get back on track and hopefully at some point recover that post, but if not, well, these things happen. 

I also lost a day to cleaning the house. I hadn’t really cleaned it since last year (heh!) and it needed it. Part of that was rearranging some stuff. It’s funny how you move into a house and settle in and then realize months later that something isn’t working… I had revamped the office  for that very reason, but now I’ve done the bedroom/art studio and hopefully this will help me get the traditional art booted back into motion. I’ve already started playing with the goache the girls gave me for Christmas. 

And I have just found an underlying setting change I’m going to have to fix! Uploads are limited to 2mb. Fine, I already routinely resize images because the old host had a problem with memory. But this is why the backup file was failing! It’s 80mb. 

Gah. I hate poking in the guts of the website. Off to google with me. 

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