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February is one of my worst months, usually. I can’t say this year was completely different, but it was different. Worst in losing the dear doggo who has just always been there, breathing on my leg while I was trying to write, tripping me in the shadows of a night, following me with all the hope while I was cooking. It’s very quiet here at the Crooked House without her. However, it’s also been a very, very busy month on the creative front. 

This month I released But Not Broken, the anthology of stories centered around cPTSD and survival. I was heavily involved in Postcards From Mars, an anthology of micro-fiction and illustrations released by Raconteur Press. I’m one of the Three Moms of the Apocalypse presenting the Broad Cast, now available on any podcast streaming service you might prefer. Later this week I’ll have a story, and the cover art, on Space Cowboys, another anthology from Raconteur. Where I am now the house illustrator. I’m also pointing people at a Kickstarter for an anthology I’ve been invited to write for (you should back it, I really want to write this story!) called Horror at Pooh Corner

It’s all good! But a little overwhelming at times. I’m still working on The Squeaks Saga, which will come out next month (I have the date written down somewhere!). I’m missing a whole chunk of time from my writing this month, but I’m trying to get back in that habit. 

Plus, I’d like to find the time to blog more regularly. Sorry about that. 

For that matter, I’d intended this post to be longer, but you know how life is. Interruptions, and suddenly! no time left to do things in. But if I waited until I thought I had the time and mental space, it would simply never get done. I could aim for perfection, but then I would miss every time. Missing your mark is demoralizing, and you get angry, and that makes your aim worse and… 

So. Here you go. Getting all the things done means just doing them, finishing, and walking away. Sometimes that is not perfect, but it’s enough. It has to be enough. 

Pretty covers! I’m having so much fun creating book covers this year. 

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