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Steam-Powered Postcards

While I am away from home this weekend, I’d love to send you a postcard. You can ask for an image in a comment here, or drop a line to me at cedarlila at gmail dot com, and I’ll send you a postcard! Then you can write a 50-word story about the picture, and submit it to the Three Moms of the Apocalypse (don’t forget to include the image file with the story submission)! You might wind up getting into Steam-Powered Postcards… just like 20 out of 70 authors got into Postcards from Mars.

Writing a fifty word story that is a complete story with beginning, middle, and end is a lot like writing poetry. Every word counts, and careful word choices can make or break it. 

Good Luck! 

3 thoughts on “Steam-Powered Postcards

  1. Please may I try this?
    And when I lived in Lafayette, many years ago, my favorite resturant, which is still open, was Cafe Vermillionville.
    Higher-end Cajun, and not cheap, but the menu still looks good.
    Have a great time. John

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