30 Ways to be A Modern Woman

Karen D (캐렌 디) commented to me, It “would be interesting to see a “modern woman” version – but someone would be yelled at for writing the orig. article.”

Of course, I immediately offered to start the ball rolling. I’d host the list at my blog, but I wanted help from others to create a really great list. Boy, did I get help! Some really wonderful advice came pouring in. I’ve made a few comments here and there (in italics) and if there’s yelling, I’ll take the heat. But I don’t think it will happen. There are some repetitions with variations on a theme – I chose to keep them. It was interesting to see how many people hit on the same topic. I think you’ll see what I mean.

As for me? I’m satisfied always with the wise man’s advice:

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”

–Robert A Heinlein

Here’s my original tweeted request:

I need suggestions for “27 Ways to be a Modern Woman” send yours: silly, witty, wise, I’ll put up a list Monday. h/t @KaeKaed ‪#‎Fiercewomen

  1. A modern woman doesn’t believe that stupid is sexy. But also doesn’t pretend to know everything on every topic. — Karen D

This is why I asked for help on making this list! Much more interesting than just babbling on by myself to have a real conversation. A Modern Woman doesn’t just talk: she listens, too.

  1. How about “The modern woman carries a gun and is trained to use it”? — Michael John
  2. “The modern woman has finally mastered opening a door, be it car or otherwise.” –Keith Clinton

But if someone offers to open it for her, she accepts with grace.

  1. The modern woman knows how to be an equal and still be feminine. And if she’s not treated like an equal, she finds someone who treats her right. — B.e. Sanderson

And she doesn’t insist on standing on his neck just to get up a few inches higher.

  1. A Modern woman can say “Concealed carry and I can sew my own dress to make sure I don’t print.” — Alicia Ibarreta

This may wind up being a reprise of my Well-Armed Woman essay!

  1. How about “The Modern Woman has a gun, because the Modern Man is apparently too much of a wuss to protect his family”? — Tom Knighton
  2. A modern woman values a man who treats her like a lady. –The Old NFO
  3. A modern woman doesn’t feel the need to put down another woman whether she works outside the home or not, has children or not, or is married or not. — Deena Garland Campanile

A Modern woman is secure enough to have no need to belittle others.

  1. A modern woman can charge her own damn phone. — Julie Doornbos

A Modern woman is responsible enough to take care of her own duties!

  1. A modern woman wonders why a modern man would be pondering shoe horns instead of the new, very modern grocery app on his phone which she keeps trying to get him to try. Maybe if he wasn’t so busy pondering such “modern” wonders as shoe horns, he’d know that his modern woman added something to the shopping list after he left the house, and he wouldn’t need to make two trips to the grocery store to get everything she needs to make that 3 melon fruit salad she found on pinterest. — Julie Doornbos

I was laughing so hard at this one – a bit specific, there, Julie! And my First Reader commented, But if she has an old fashioned man who doesn’t do smart phones, she knows he does get texts.

  1. A modern women is comfortable just being her true authentic self. Not conforming to society’s norms! — Sue Jewell Moberg
  2. A modern woman doesn’t just live up to standards, she creates them. — Keith Clinton

She sets the pace rather than being content to follow the beaten path.

  1. A modern woman doesn’t buy a handgun just because it’s pink. It better shoot well, conceal well, and the salesman better sell her the one she wants, not the cute one. — Deena Garland Campanile

I had a moment over a lime-green one (oooh! pretty) but it wasn’t the right one, so back it went.

  1. A modern woman is comfortable working so her husband can peck at a keyboard for a living. — Chris Woods

A Modern woman prefers a partnership to stereotyped roles.

  1. A modern woman values a man who can talk to her intelligently, and isn’t intimated by a man who might well be smarter than she is. — Amanda Fuesting

He can help her stretch and grow. They can learn from one another, ideally.

  1. A modern woman has a sense of value within herself, and doesn’t depend on a paycheck or a sexy skinny body for it. — Deena Garland Campanile

A Modern Woman doesn’t seek or need external validation for her self-worth.

  1. A modern woman knows there are times her man just needs to watch Star Trek. — Keith Clinton

Or play that computer game that helps him chill out.

  1. A modern woman isn’t afraid to cry on her husband’s shoulder, and isn’t afraid comfort her husband when he needs to cry on hers. — Amanda Fuesting
  2. A modern woman takes an interest in the things her husband enjoys, but recognizes that sometimes he will enjoy them more without her. — Amanda Fuesting

A modern woman doesn’t insist that she must be included in everything he does, and she nudges him to have interests that are outside her realm, too.

  1. A modern woman isn’t afraid to cry, but she never uses tears as a tool to get what she wants. — B.e. Sanderson

A Modern woman is self-aware enough to avoid passive-aggressive manipulation techniques just because other women model them.

  1. A modern woman has her own friends but can balance her family and friends. And she knows better than to buddy up with the lonely guy at the office just because she had an argument at home. — Deena Garland Campanile

A Modern woman has situational awareness.

  1. A modern woman is secure enough not to be afraid of the idea of marriage, knowing she can remain herself at the same time she helps create that new partnership which is greater than either of them alone. — Deena Garland Campanile
  2. A modern woman can balance a checkbook. — Jolie Lachance

A Modern Woman can run a business from home, with toddlers underfoot, and keep the family afloat if that’s what she needs to do. Because she’s really a throwback to the time when that was how it was done. 

  1. In her relationship, a modern woman does what she is best at, and allows her mate to do what they are best at, regardless of gender roles. — Bethany McLean Simon
  2. A modern woman can use a wrench, hammer or power tool, properly and without breaking a sweat (or a nail). She can also knit, sew, quilt and cook without having to justify it to anyone. — Danette Schardt

I once broke a nail putting on a sweater. So I keep mine really short. Makes it easier to scrub the dirt and grease out from under them, paint, too.

  1. A modern woman has a toolbox. If they have flowers on them, she’s just multitasking by being fashionable and practical! — Amanda Spriggs
  2. A modern woman can keep a tight grouping. A modern woman has grips on her carry piece that match her nail color…. and can follow that sentence. — Mark Alger
  3. A modern woman is honest about her needs, and doesn’t pretend to be invincible. — Amanda Fuesting
  4. A modern woman is confident in her ability to defend herself but will allow men to defend her if they have superior firepower. — Karen D.
  5. A modern woman wears comfortable undergarments – it’s nearly impossible to kick butt & take names in a corset. –Karen D.

Unless she feels like steampunk. Or going to the Renn Faire… or… you know what. G-strings. The Modern Woman has no need to endure that kind of discomfort for anyone.

Of course, because of real life problems and other schedules, the beauteous Nicki Kenyon beat me to it on the Modern Woman, but she didn’t need help… and you should read hers, too!



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  2. John in Philly Avatar
    John in Philly

    The modern women knows the grease used in repairing constant velocity joints cleans off of her hands.

    The modern women knows what her husband is asking for when he is under the pickup truck changing the clutch and requests a 3/8s 17 millimeter 6 point deep well socket and a universal adapter with a six inch extension on a ratchet set for tighten.

    The modern women knows that it is far superior to have a partner instead of a minion.

    The modern women thinks it is hysterically funny to answer the question of whether she is afraid when her spouse is away for reserves by saying, “Not really, I sleep with two male friends.” Then if she knows them well enough to add, “My friends are Smith and Wesson.”

  3. jon spencer Avatar
    jon spencer

    A modern woman carries her own pocket knife. Keeps it sharp too.

    1. I’ve taken to keeping a knife in my various bags, so I don’t have to remember to switch it around (backpack, briefcase, purse…). Women’s fashion doesn’t always have pockets…