Well, today is the first day in a while that hasn’t been nice out. It is cold and rainy. We needed the rain, though, it had gotten pretty dry. Dad sowed the crescent day before yesterday and it had rained a little that night, so with this rain anything that is going to sprout at least has a chance. Green is popping up all over. Phil and I went to Concord Sunday, and the Red Maples were starting to bloom down there. That means that they will be up here within a week.
We were in Concord to do a little shopping. Nana gave me a gift certificate to TJ Maxx, and Phil said he would match it, so we left all the kids at home – even Johann! with babysitters (Thanks Dad, Sharon, and Rachel!). That was fun. I actually got to try stuff on, and Phil has pretty good taste, for a guy 🙂 I didn’t buy a lot, it was more that I got to get out and relax that was good. We also got the girls a sparkly soccer ball to encourage them to play outside more, and a birthday present for Pippa. She loves Cinderella, and her “Preschool time” so we got her a Cinderella jewelry box to decorate, and she and I will work on that together.
I am in a quandary with her. I think she will be ready for Kindergarten level stuff next fall, but she is still going to be too young to go off to K, even if we could afford to send her to the Christian school. However, if I do K at home with her, she will be overly prepared for K at school the following year. I don’t want to let her stagnate over the next year, and I’m just not sure what to do with her. I really do not want to do K at the public school again. The half day is ridiculous. Transportation is impossible, since we have to pick Juliet up every day she ends up missing days because Phil is working at the time she has to be picked up. And I find two hours a day just not enough to teach properly, especially when a lot of it is snack and recess. As a social learning tool it is useful, academically it is lacking. If they went to a full-day K I would definitely do it, but I don’t see that happening.
Johann has four teeth now, and is working on a fifth.


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  1. Hi Cedar!I’m glad to have “found” you. My mom must have given you my blog address.The Kindergarten quandry is a tough one. Maybe you could spread it out over 2 years at home and then send her off for 1st grade. I’m sure you are busy enough, so making K relaxed for her would be more relaxing for you, too. Besides, having her home an extra year would be fun. They’re only little once. Is there a play group for her socialization? Or maybe you could start one…