I’d written a lovely story about the USO in Vietnam, and my computer crashed and I hadn’t saved it… bad Cedar! I just got home from Civil Air Patrol meeting with my daughter and found it gone. With only an hour to deadline, I’m not going to be able to finish writing it, now. I was thinking of the cadence challenge tonight, as I was watching my daughter drill with the other cadets. They were marching and calling cadence, and it made me think of all the young men and women who serve our country in uniform, not so much older than these children. They go out whole and hearty, and come back on those choppers, damaged sometimes beyond repair.

One of the biggest regrets in my life was giving up my opportunity to serve. All I can do now is support those who wear the uniform now, and raise up the next generation to be patriots. Perhaps one of my children will one day serve their country, and I shall send them off with tears and pride.

My challenge this week, which I failed miserably, was
I hear the choppers coming 
They’re hovering overhead 
They’ve come to get the wounded
 They’ve come to get the dead”

From: KSyrah

My challenge to Sarah Cass was “Hey Y’all, watch this!”


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  1. You didn't fail. I actually love your last minute blurb – it fits perfectly!

  2. it's the beauty of the challenge: you let the prompt take you where it will and this week, that is where it took you 🙂

  3. Not a failure at all! Sorry you lost your original post, but this was lovely! Challenge met.