A new start

So I did a video of my garden, a little walking tour of it as it is now. With all the mess and imperfections and work that needs to be done… 

It’s a start. Starts aren’t meant to be perfect, if you make it perfect before you begin you’ll never begin, and you will have already begun, when you were trying to make it perfect. 

Just be. You’re here, you want to go there. In between, it’s ok to be a hot mess. 

This will be my largest and longest art project ever. For the artist with ADHD that’s saying something. I plan to spend years on this garden, and in the meantime, it will be gloriously messy. Still, it’s already beautiful and I’m happy working out there on it. I’m about done for the spring, and won’t have another big push until fall. There will be little things. Planting pole beans when I take out the peas. Putting some edging around the mulched beds. Sowing wildflower seeds where the mulch heap has been sitting. 

The garden is a daily habit, and a refuge, and a way for me to get the exercise I badly need. I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of it.