A Trio of Reviews

This was a good week for reviews! 

Jim McCoy gave Fantasy Treehouse Art & Architecture 5 out of 5 Swamp Chickens (a joke that will make more sense if you’ve read the book). I was tickled he wanted to review the art book, it’s out of his usual zone. If you enjoy fantasy and science fiction books, you’ll want to page back through his reviews. 

Fiona Grey gave Crow Moon it’s first review, and I’m humbled by her summation of it: 

In short, these fantastic tales are about honor – not in a way that is moralistic or preaching, oh, no. This book makes me want to go have adventures, uphold the code of chivalry, defend the helpless, and defeat the bad guy.

Last but certainly not least, Caroline Furlong reviewed Can’t Go Home Again, on the anniversary of it’s release. The book is still impacting readers, and I hope it continues to do so for a long time. Giving out hope to those who need it most is important. 

I’m still recovering from a migraine that I’ve been working through for the last couple of days. This is a little out of the ordinary – normally they clear after 24 hours for me – but I’m managing the Day Job. Just… not much else. I do think you might enjoy the Thursday Livestream, Live! From the Blanket Fort! for ideas of Christmas gifts, or post-gifting use of Amazon gift cards.