Indiana ComicCon Cosplay

AAR: Indiana ComicCon

This one isn’t much of a story to tell… I was there to help a friend out and make some money, and I accomplished both. I also had a very good time and it was a much-needed break for me. Not that I was lolling around – I barely left the booth in the two days I was there – but in that I couldn’t think about school or anything, I was too busy. Fortunately, I didn’t have to miss anything – at the ComicCon, the fun comes to you.

I took a few snaps. I saw many costumes, talked to interesting people, and would have liked to have taken more photos but didn’t have the time. But people-watching from the booth was rewarding.

Oh, and I came home to the good news that (better late than never) Warp Resonance is now available in print! I would have liked that to happen a week earlier, but we can’t have it all.

cosplay Indiana ComicCon
Wonder Woman may have captured her quarry, but Rocket is coming to his rescue!
cosplay Indiana ComicCon
The Mystik Waboose Booth, you can see my new banner 🙂
Indiana ComicCon Cosplay
Rey and a princess browse through the buttons.
Indiana ComicCon Cosplay
A Young Mad Scientist who reminded me of my daughter.
Indiana ComicCon Cosplay
Ursula was magnificent!
Mother and Daughter fight off evil
Some families are not like others.
Mad Mike’s booth. The con was very noir there…
A Piper in the Hall
Such a cute outfit!
What a cunning hat. A baby got that hat, everyone know she ain’t afraid of nothin’
I think this one was my favorite. He was perfect.