About the Authors

Sanderson-Begley Wedding
Cedar Sanderson
photo by Oleg Volk
Cedar Sanderson was born an Air Force brat in Nebraska and spent her childhood en route to new duty stations. Her formative years after her father left the Air Force were spent being home-schooled on the Alaskan frontier. She removed to the “more urban” climes of New Hampshire at the beginning of high school. She has had the usual eclectic range of jobs for Fantasy/ SF authors, ranging from Comedy Magician to Apprentice Shepherdess. She counts the latter as more useful in controlling her four children and First Reader. Her fascination with science dates to her early childhood spent with her grandmother on the Oregon coast studying the flora and fauna and learning to prepare a meal from what she could glean from a tidal pool. This lead to a lifelong interest in science, cooking, and herbalism.

Cedar is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s of science in Forensic Science and Investigation, with dual minors in Chemistry and Molecular Biology. She is also an author, and artist, a mother, a wife, an avid amateur photographer, a reader, perennially inquisitive and interested in everything. This has the result of leaving those watching her indefatigable efforts panting in exhaustion.

Sanderson-Begley Wedding
My dear First Reader, in his Comet Guy shirt for the wedding.

The First Reader, Sanford Begley, is the curmudgeon of Curmudgeon’s Corner. He was born in Kentucky, raised in Ohio on a dairy farm, and wound up traveling around with world courtesy of the US Army. A decent cook, meticulous technician, and wry humorist, Cedar calls him the drop of acid to balance her sweet. His occasional essays do not qualify him as a writer, he’s often heard to proclaim that he is not a writer; he doesn’t have to write.

Sanderson-Begley Wedding
We pledged to one another. (photo by Scott Bragg)

There will be occasional mentions on the blog of the rest of the cast of characters, using nom-de-blogs for privacy reasons.

The Eldest – a lovely young lady with a brilliant mind, Cedar’s oldest daughter.

The Otaku Princess can usually be found reading.

Otaku Princess – quirky, mildly obsessed with DC comics, fanfiction, and anime, her goal in life is to travel to Japan for a year after highschool.

Sanderson-Begley Wedding
The Jr. Mad Scientist (photo by Oleg Volk)

The Junior Mad Scientist – at a very young age decided that she wanted to be like Abby on NCIS, a happy goth. Also as Cedar’s youngest daughter, she is currently being homeschooled and may allow some of her essays to be published on the blog.

The Little Man and Tricksy

The Little Man – he may be the baby in a family with three older sisters, but he’s all boy. We speculate that the sisters will either leave him really good with girls when he grows up, or a lifelong bachelor. So far, his main interests are the dog, mincraft, and legos.

Tricksy – the family dog. What kind of dog? Well, she’s black… She’s also short, built like a brick, and sweet as can be. She’s devoted to the First Reader and he is to her.