Adventure Time

As some of you might have figured out from my books and biography, I like adventures. I grew up reading about them, with L’Amour and Kjelgaard, Farley, Terhune, ERB, and many more that are slipping my mind at the moment. Between adventures in Oregon with my Grandmother and family, in Alaska growing up, and even a few later in my teen years, it wasn’t until I was a wife that the walls closed in and I settled into the constraints of maturity.

I have broken those in the last few years, going back to school, moving away from New Hampshire, and little things, like being able to go to SF conventions. I’m about to take on another big adventure, driving all by myself from Ohio to New Hampshire. I’m stopping with friends along the way, taking it easy, so I am not driving all 14+ hours of the travel time in one go, and I plan to take it easy coming home, too.

I will be gone for a week, and I’m afraid that the blog will be sadly neglected in my absence. I will post when I have internet and time, and you might mostly get travel-journal photos. I do plan to pre-schedule a few posts for my absence, I’m working on those today. But most of today is going to be spent with my First Reader, as this will be our first prolonged separation in almost 2 years. We’re both old enough to know it’s a short time, but in love enough to feel it as a pang.

I’m both excited, it is an adventure! and a little worried about my ability to do this. But it is a worthwhile effort. And I will return tired and triumphant, I am sure.

Woods walk
A path in the woods…