I sort of appreciate that my body waits until after the work is done to pitch a fit. I mean, I’d rather it didn’t, but there it is, and it could be worse. The weekend was great, I was able to be a good worker and an asset. I got to see some folks at the con and enjoy the costumes. I’m so very glad to be home, and have the First Reader here and the dog underfoot. I’m mostly tired, and this has been a designated rest day. I need it!

I have been writing busily in every moment I’ve been able. Not on Tanager’s Fledglings, but a novella set in the same universe as that story, only a century before the action there. I plan to release Jade Star at the end of July. I’ll be finished writing it in a couple of days, and will go back to work on Jem’s story then.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of a post, and a restaurant review for readers local to Knoxville.

photo taken by Richard Hailey
It was lovely to meet Nolan (photo taken by Mystik Waboose)
I got to see on of my favorite people, Clifford. (photo taken by Mystik Waboose)
A signed and sketched book…