All thumbs

Which isn’t quite accurate. When I type on my phone, it’s a thumb and an index finger, opposite hands. Why, you may ask, are you doing this on your phone? Quite simply, it’s the same concept as camera choice. The camera you have on hand is the best one to take the shot with.

The writing tool on hand is the best one to write with. I could lay here, thinking about how tired I am, the lungs are achy (allergies or fatigue or both), and mentally nagging myself to drag my lazy arse out of bed and go sit at the computer to write something. Or I could pick up the phone from the bedside table and go at it, all thumbs and no glasses.

Every day. I can try for that. Or I can simply push to try and better the next effort. A little here, a little there, eventually it adds up even if you can’t always see it until you’re a long way off from that day where pushing on past nine hours of the day job just felt like too much.

I mean, sure. I can just curl up and sleep. I probably need that. Tomorrow’s busy. Yesterday was great fun but tiring. But I’m going to write a bit, then grab a pencil and draw. I don’t have any great photos on my phone to make into art right now.

One day. This day. It’s the only day that counts. What are you going to do with it?