An Art Diversion

This series of absurdities was inspired by, but not a direct response to, the weekly prompt post over at More Odds Than Ends. 

Prompt I used for this set: “chthulu in a beanbag chair, comfortable tentacles, eyeglasses and reading a book –ar 3:2”

The idea I had in mind was to portray an eldritch being at his leisure. We all need hobbies, for rest and relaxation. 

I’ll freely admit that having him (it?) blow bubbles was the wildest flight of fancy…
Prompt I gave to Midj: “chthulu in a bubble bath, painting on an easel by the tub –ar 3:2” This one took some refinement and variations to get a result I liked, and it still wasn’t faithful to the prompt.

I opted not to insert styles with any of the prompts and guide Midjourney, but with the final set it went more stylized, which was interesting. I wonder if it is related to childishness in the prompt of: “chthulu curled up on a giant cushion with a coloring book and crayons –ar 3:2” 

This is a more stylized result, but I love the ornate tentacles making up his own backdrop.
And this one is just too adorable for a chthuloid creature. Spoopy season is upon us!


2 responses to “An Art Diversion”

  1. Becky Jones Avatar
    Becky Jones

    I love these!

  2. These are wonderful. There’s just something about relaxation, even if it’s an eldritch creature doing it.