Mystery Horror Genre Bender

And it’s Monday

Which means there is a new Amazing Stories blog post up… but I didn’t write it! Eric Gustafson guest posts for me, on the importance of cover art, with great humor and radical ideas that deserve to be fully explored.

And speaking of art, I am playing around with an idea. I’m using Pinterest to coallate some ideas for the book cover I’m working on. Pixie Noir is nearing completion, and that means I need a knockout cover to sell this book. No matter what they say, you know you judge a book by it’s cover. We have a good idea what we want me to create for the art, but these images will help me fully visualize. You see what I mean?
So what do you think about book covers? Is the art important? Could you do without text on your cover? Share your ideas, and let’s make some art happen.
Memories of the Abyss, my latest novella, was all digital art that I compiled into what I think is an evocative cover. But I do think the words on the art matter for this book cover.
Mystery Horror Genre Bender
Memories of the Abyss, a mystery and horror novella