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One of the perks of teaching a teen home ec. in homeschooling is that I get to eat waffles for breakfast, and I didn’t have to cook them. Buttermilk waffles from scratch, mmmm.

Waffle courtesy of the Junior Mad Scientist.

While I’m eating these delicious fluffy things, I’m also taking a break from cleaning house. It’s not bad, but we’re having a dinner party tonight, the floor needs mopping, and I have to get a chocolate pie (and maybe a berry one) in the oven shortly. On top of a job interview this afternoon, my day is rather full. So the blog will be brief today.

When I know I need to do a post like this, I look at my open tabs. I don’t have a lot up right now, I had to restart the browser a couple of days ago, and I’ve been working on two – ok, three – computers this week (one was to reset it for new use by Homeschool girl).

That’s ok. I think you’ll enjoy something from this eclectic collection.

First, a lovely short webcomic (the visual equivalent of a short story)about the gift of time. The characterization reminds me strongly of Pratchett’s Death. Be aware this one can cause your room to become dusty, so you should have a tissue to combat the, ah, dust.

An article about a common weed here in the MidWest caught my eye. I knew what Pokeweed was, before coming here, but it wasn’t really hardy to NH. I still haven’t tried eating it, and you’ll see why if you read this.

My author-colleague Amie Gibbons has a tongue-in-cheek take on IP law as it pertains to image use and other things. It made me laugh, but it’s a great lesson too.

Finally, a bit of self-promotion. Last year I did a year of art daily, which was mostly posted on facebook in an album. I didn’t want to do it again this year, while it’s an excellent exercise, I wanted to focus more on writing now that school is finished. However, to keep my creative side fed, I’m going to do a year of photos, taking one daily and posting it in a gallery over on DeviantArt. They won’t all be artistic, or tell a story, or even very interesting depending on the day, but it should be interesting to see them all as the year progresses.


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