As a companion to the piece I wrote for Mad Genius Club today, the Luddites are Winning, I ran across this article today, about a champion of golden rice, and a former Greenpeace member.

Patrick Moore, in an interview for Savvy Street:

The leaders of the Greens are extreme leftists, profoundly anti-human, anti-science, and anti-civilization. Recently the IPCC, the climate body, announced that CO2 emissions must be reduced to zero by 2100. Don’t they realize this is the same as saying that the human population should be reduced to zero? Or at least rolled back 10,000 years to before we began to clear land for farming? Greenpeace leader Kumi Naidoo tells his campaigners that they needn’t mind the lifestyles of the celebrities that support them. So it’s OK for Leonardo DiCaprio to have a 300-foot yacht, private jet, and limos waiting at idle, as long as he supports the anti-fossil fuel campaign. The green movement has evolved from well-meaning and good-hearted to a toxic blend of extreme left political ideology and religious fundamentalism rolled into one.

starling flocks
Winter Birds (digital art by Cedar Sanderson)