Argle Bargle


I’ll be the first to admit I try not to blog unless I can be cheerful. Or at least instructive. I’ve had some epic rants in the past. Today, though. 

I’m too tired to be ranty. This past week has been Sisyphean, and I’m not actually talking about the plague. Although that has certainly not been helping. However, the upshot is that I am really tired, and when I get tired, I get sick. This, my friends, is what is referred to as ‘poor timing.’ Now is not the time to be dragging around work with circles under my eyes, because coworkers start to eye you suspiciously. Ah, well. Allergies choose you, you don’t choose them. If I could choose mine, it would be to something I’d never miss, like, um, okra. 

I have, on the other hand, been writing. Every single day in March. That may not seem like a big deal (it isn’t, in the grand scope of things) but it was the goal I’d set after the last month netted me a total of 9032 words. My goal is to not go to sleep at night until I have broken the zero. But no, I am not losing sleep over this. If I am smart about it, I can have my writing in the morning. If I am not (usually) I write while I am eating dinner, since the First Reader is not here to remind me to be civilized and have conversation with my meal. 

I’ve also given up on wrangling the muse into working on the projects that need to be finished. For some reason, Hatrack is coming first (I’m hopeful when it’s over we can move on, and it’s only supposed to be a short story). In aid of completing that project, I have made a cover. 

This is the first cover I have attempted completely in Procreate, and that was a fun experience. Not only the painting, which isn’t my norm – I usually photobash covers, using composite elements I have rendered along with some minor painting to create a unique piece of art – but the text. I can manipulate the text in ways I just can’t do with other programs. I had to be careful not to get carried away with it, though. And I had to keep reminding myself it will never be in print, so no need to worry about tiny details. Still, though, this was a blast to do, and I’m looking forward to more of the same. 



4 responses to “Argle Bargle”

  1. Kathleen Avatar

    That cover is cute!

    Prioritize getting enough sleep!

  2. THe cover is great! It makes me smile. We all need smiles!

  3. I like the cover.I can’t draw my way out of a crayon box, but if the hat rack’s “knee” were bent at about a 200 degree angle, it might look as if it were running.
    Feel better soon! Be blessed,

  4. English is a wonderful language: “and have conversation with my meal”. Either the meal is conversing, or the people having the meal are conversing.