Art Manipulation

I have the tendency when I’m bored and have a few minutes to kill, to read. If I’m not in the mood to read, I tinker with the apps on my tablet or phone. Since I’m not really a gamer (there are exceptions, and if I could find certain board games on the app store, I’d waste more time) I play with my photos and artwork. The results are not the highest quality, I don’t think I could print them, for instance, but sometimes they look cooler in the results than the original image did.

And by adjusting filters, adding frames, and sometimes just sheer over-the-top manipulation, I can take a photo into the realm of ‘art’. Expression, emotion, it’s all conveyed wordlessly and I imagine will speak differently to every set of eyes and the brain behind them. I can only offer the ones I find attractive or provocative to my own mind.

Isn’t that what art is? Manipulation of emotion?

Photo manipulated in XnView
Human heart
Painting manipulated in XnSketch Pro
Vintage retro kitchen meal
Photo manipulated in Repix
green bottle fly
Photo Manipulated with XnRetro Pro and Repix
beetle on Peony
photo manipulated in XnView
toad eyes
Photo manipulated in PaperCamera
Fly from the Dark
Photo manipulated in XnView