Art and Amusements

My Spring Break has started – started yesterday afternoon, actually. I’m at Millennicon this weekend, and I hung my first pieces in my first Art Show. I don’t have pictures, you’re not allowed to take photos in the art show. I can tell you I have already learned one lesson – one 3×4′ panel is not enough. Two would have been better. Ah, well. I don’t expect to do this again. But it was a whim and I have to admit that my drawings and paintings look spiffy all matted up.

I’m up at Mad Genius Club with my continuing Forensics for Writers series. Evidence collection and investigation, today. Next week I’ll get into the lab, and write about the things I plan to do with my shiny new career after I graduate in December.

And a shameless self-promotion note. It’s my blog, I get to do that, yes? If you see a piece of my art and want a print, but you don’t see it in the Shop, then ask. I don’t set up everything I do for print, due to time constraints and, well, I never know if it’s any good. Pen and Ink prints (Inktail & Friends, Pussywillows, etc) are available signed and numbered on requests. Other prints are being created by the POD company I’m working with, and are reasonably priced. Photos we should chat about – it depends on what you want, and in what format.

So. I need more coffee, and then I’m off to the con.

Dragon coffee-1
“Death Wish Coffee” Pen and Ink, matted at 8×10 in an 11×14″ black mat. This is one I took to the con.