Artfully: Day 12

Today’s dragon was created with Adobe Illustrator, which is… I don’t know if I like this. Oh well. Work has been progressing nicely on Dragon Noir, I’ve added 3800 since yesterday, and plan to do another 2000 tonight. 


Wizbun drew a sigh of relief when the flames from the tiny dragon stopped, and then dropped to all fours and did his best to slide under the couch as the creature launched himself into the air.

No fair! He wailed silently as it circled overhead. Fighting creatures that were far over his head was bad enough, but added to that was… Wizbun was too fat to fit under the couch any longer. It had only been a couple of months since he was a little bunny, and one of his favorite games had been to play keepaway with his Mistress by hiding with the lesser bunny minions, who were a silent lot, but warm and forgiving.

He cowered against the blue velour, his heart pounding. It was the end. There would be no nibbling on the giant green treat in peace, no naps in the quiet dark behind the couch, no juicy ends and pieces of fruits and veg from the Mistresses minions. Nothingness beckoned.

And then he realized that not all of the thumping was his heart. The Mistresses minions were running down the stairs. One was calling over his shoulder

” Yes, mom, I’ll make sure Wizbun’s in his cage so he can’t eat the Christmas Tree.”

The cage had never sounded so good to the frightened rabbit. But what about the menacing dragon? The boy with the caramel colored hair ran into the room and skidded to a stop on pajama feet, crashing into the couch.

“Mom! Mom!” he shouted. Wizbun, making himself as small as rabbitly possible, watched in amazement as the crazy boy child ran toward the dragon with outstretched hands. He would be burned!