Audiobooks and the Art of Reading Aloud

The First Reader and I were talking the other day about audiobooks. I know I’ve been asked more than a few times about having the Noir series made into audiobooks, and frankly the only thing stopping me is time. I had started to look into it about a year ago, and stopped to deal with other things. I will try to get back to it in August.

But that being said, the First Reader knows where a sound booth we could rent is. He’d suggested that it might be a worthy experiment for us to record a couple of the shorter stories to see how that works. I like the idea, we’d probably put them on the blog for you readers, so: which stories shall we read if we can set this up? He was thinking he’d like to read either Memories of the Abyss (which he always wonders why it doesn’t sell better. Because it’s scary, and it’s a short not a novel) or One-Eyed Dragon. I was thinking about Little Red. We are not considering doing any of the novels ourselves. No time, and frankly, not the voices for it.

reading at the table
Reading at dinner… the perfect picture for Eat This While You Read That!


The First Reader has a post on the Otherwhere Gazette today, all about pride and it’s virtues.

Characters in SF and Fantasy often have pride, the heroes at least. It is after all part of being heroic to have pride in oneself and one’s accomplishments. Often in literature entire peoples are described simply as “Proud warriors of a proud warrior nation”. Just that line of description tells you much about the entire nation of people under discussion. Note that there are no negative connotations when the phrase is used that way. For that matter when someone refers to “The Few, the Proud, The Marines” there are no negative connotations and many positive ones.

I may post again later. We will see how the day goes. In the meantime, a picture from my garden.

Bumblebee on bee Balm

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  1. Looks just like my family, there. Except we have a rectangular patio table. (And that’s what we’re doing in October, not July.)

    Closing out the day with the First Reader’s post; looks quite interesting.

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