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Back Covers

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a nuts-and-bolts post, or a “what I have been up to this morning!” I spent a good part of my morning formatting and uploading files for Pixie Noir, hoping to hit the proposed publication date in a more-or-less timely fashion. I am working with Createspace again for this, my second indie-published novel. Doing the interior was… not painless, but not as bad as it could have been. I highly recommend two things to you. One, grab a handful of trade paperbacks in the genre you are publishing off your bookshelf, and two, this site (hat tip to Amanda Green for putting me on to it). The section break thing alone was worth it.

Ok, now that you have your books, flip them over so you are looking at the backs. We all look at the pretty art on the front cover, but I have that part handled already. Today I did the spine and back of the book. Note where text, graphics, and blurbs from people who got a sneak-peek all go. This is what you need to do to yours.

Book cover backs
Three backs, a descriptive blurb, praise, and POS data


Pixie Noir is still in the proof stage, so I don’t have all of the words that will grace the back – I’m waiting on kind words from at least two other sources – but I was able to play around with some words and graphics to make it look pretty.

Pixie Noir
The cover in progress for the print version of Pixie Noir