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Back from Vacation

I was gone a whole week, did you miss me?

I didn’t even pull my laptop out to work on all week, I was busy spending time with my kids, my aunt who was visiting from Wyoming, Dad, sister, and sundry friends and family. Add to that the stresses of being home-but-not-home, and seeing the farmhouse torn down… which it needed, but still! I didn’t write at all. I didn’t even get to see beta reports on Pixie Noir, they went straight to Sanford.

Now I’m home. I flew in, had time to shower, change, went out and did two hours of balloons for a community event in Cincinatti, and then came home to eat. My brain is fried…

Tomorrow, school starts. Woo! I have been way too busy to be nervous about it. We will see how this goes in a very large school. I’ve lived in towns smaller than this school, most of my life. Sigh.

On the upside, I did a lot of reading while traveling. A kindle makes flying, layovers, and other dead time go by a lot faster. So I will have some reviews later this week to put out, and an essay about the house, and… well, we will see what I have time for.

See you all tomorrow!