Dry beans have so many uses, especially around here. Of course, they are meant to be eaten, but not in this family – no one would eat them! But you can sprout them in paper towels to study plant development, in the light or in the dark. And they can be used to make a constellation map, Glady found out last night. Then Juliet made a galaxy of beans with a tray full of them and an orange in the middle. Pippa likes to scoop up handfuls of them and run them through her fingers… I am thinking about growing some this summer just to have some pretty ones to sort and play with for her kindergarten curriculum this next fall. All the bean play started with Glady using them to count by tens for her homework. Hardworking seeds, these beans.

Then there’s the tale of the twice-baked beans… but that’s for another day!


One response to “Beans”

  1. I had to laugh when I read your comment about how nobody in your house would eat beans! I remember you and Maranatha would go hungry rather than eat dry beans when I used to cook them! I don’t think either of you realized how tight the food budget was sometimes . . . but I’m glad you are able to afford other things now.