Beautiful America: Autumn

It’s growing cooler at nights, I didn’t want to leave my warm bed for the morning chill this morning! Even here in Ohio I am starting to see color on the trees, a splash of gold here, a glow of red there. I am curious to see what the fall color will look like in the end, whether it will be anything close to the New England leaves I have grown accustomed to.

Most of the photos I am including today were taken in Maine and New Hampshire, having spent something like twenty falls there, watching the leaves change. Some years, a capricious wind would strip them all in a night. Others, they would linger on into the first snowfall.

One of the things I am learning, working on this project – I really need to organize my photos. With almost 20K snaps to wade through on two computers, it’s a bit daunting. Some I can search, but only if I thought to label them at some point. Ah, well, it’s a good exercise for me, and I hope you are enjoying it!

New England Fall
It was the perfect day. The family took a trip up to Sandwich Fair, and on the way home I stopped and snapped this photo, a frozen moment of peace and beauty.


Cedar Sanderson
Fall on an Overcast Day (Sanbornton, NH)


Patriotic Autumn
Now, this is a scene outside the front door! Red white and blue all the way.
Milkweed pod
The pod of the Milkweed plant, all ready for the seeds to fly away on their silky strands.
Fall color in water
A bright leaf in the stream.
Alaska Moose
Alaska: Forty-Mile Country, this moose browsed along the road right up until a couople days before hunting season, when he moseyed off into the Bush…
Milford, New Hampshire
Punkins! This was such a neat display of varieties you rarely see