Garter Snake

Beautiful America: Growing Up Outside

One of the ways I have been blessed is to have spent an inordinate amount of my childhood running wild in the out of doors. My children, for over a decade, grew up on a small farm in New Hampshire, and I was able to capture some great memories for posterity with my camera.

Kids ought to be able to run and play without worrying about anything but the next mealtime, at least sometimes in their lives. I always knew more or less where they were, and could call them in when needed, but with the Farm, they were able to roam and discover bugs, wildlife, and much more without needing me right at their sides. So these are a glimpse into the secret life of country kids… mind you, I’m biased because they are mine, but I think they are a big part of the promise and hope for a Beautiful America!

Salmon Brook, Sanbornton
Looking for minnows in the brook.
Auracauna egg
Treasure hunt: finding a perfect egg
Boy Reading
Relaxing with a good Book! Never too early to start that.
Little Waders… Finding rocks to skip, likely.
Little Waders… Finding rocks to skip, likely.
Milkweed seeds
Milkweed pods make excellent toys
finger nibbles
Meeting a friendly goat…
Bubble blowing
Bubbles on a still day, a perfect moment frozen in time.
campfire cooking
Toasting marshmallows over a campfire. I can think of nothing better.
Cider press
Making apple cider the old-fashioned way!
Garter Snake
The girls hold a garter snake. There are no venomous snakes in New Hampshire, so they never had to be afraid of snakes.