Beautiful America: Looking Back

My father travels in time. Every year he spends a few weekends and extra days when he can steal away in the eighteenth century. Specifically, sometime during the French and Indian War. I’ve gone along with him, as I can disguise myself well enough, although I am not as knowledgeable as he is… I’m sharing some images, mostly captured by him, of encampments that evoke the bygone history of our nation, during a time when independence was not yet breathed of, but in the crucible of this conflict, teh tools were forged that would fight and win the freedom of our nation.

Muster on the Mountain
Somewhere at the foot of Mount Washington.
Muster on the Mountain
Dawn reaches the encampment
Fort at #4
Sutler’s Row: Copper pots for all uses
A bit of our future, looking back.
Fort at #4
Time to chow down.
Muster on the Mountain
A camp in the white mountains.
Campfire cooking
Bacon, old-school. Yum!