Beautiful America: Small Things

When I take a walk, with camera in hand, I am usually looking for the little things. Bugs, bees, flowers… the tiny jewels, set into every landscape, no matter how urban.

Apis mellifera
Honeybee on sedum blossoms
Fall berries
Amid the brown, dead leaves, the bright jeweled berries of an arum.
Rubus spp
Blackberries, beautiful, and delicious!
New Hampshire
Autumn leaf under cold water.
The girls, hard at work – my Dad’s honeybees.
One of the earliest flowers, bees flock to them.
Tiny butterflies are irresistible to little people!


A pollinator wasp on solidago.
Pink Primrose
A tiny pollinator on an evening primrose in Kentucky.
Wild pollinators
A wild sunflower with pollinators: Ohio.