We are all biased. I’m not only talking about right-leaning, or left-leaning, but many other flavors of assumptions as well. This was brought home to me a couple of times over the last week, and I decided I’d explore the concept here, although it might not seem immediately related to writing. Our unconscious biases affect our writing, brought out into the light of day and looked at closely, we can work around them or through them to become better at our craft.

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As I was contemplating biases, and trust, I was considering who I am biased toward trusting, and why. Which sparked a whole train of thought as I drove for close to an hour home from my gig, and I decided to feature a photo I took this summer, while attending a friend’s father’s funeral. Robert Gants, I don’t know if you read my blog, but this is in honor of your comments on Amanda’s blog, in a way, and for my father, grandfather, and sweetheart. Those who wore and wear the uniform… we honor you.

Honor art photo by Cedar