In the run-up to publishing the anthology, Blasters and Blades was kind enough to interview Christopher DiNote and Me (h/t Ted for correcting my pre-coffee grammar) about our stories, the anthology idea, and our personal backgrounds in SFF as well as military connections (mine: MiL brat, spouse of former infantryman. Chris: active duty USAF Col. his cred is much better).

Blasters and Blades is a fun podcast run by a couple of self-described nerds who are also veterans. The interview was great fun to do, and the podcast is a good one to add to your listening repertoire. They will make you laugh, I promise.

There’s also a YouTube channel if you want to see our faces while we react to one another, and Chris showing the cane which appears in his story.


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  1. “interview … me” 😉

    1. I plead lacko’caffeine.