Bluehills Romance

Love is in the air… and dust, and the occasional whiff of smoke from a wildfire, and a certain overlay of horse. That is to be expected when you are living on a working farm somewhere out West. Inspired by Louis L’Amour, William McLeod Raine, and Zane Grey, and writing as Lilania Begley, Cedar has created a more ordinary world, filled with ordinary people, who live, love, laugh, and work hard.

Farmhand, the first Bluehills novella, can be purchased at Amazon. If you’d like to look before you buy, you can read through the snippets. Remember to let us know if you liked it!

Farmhand cover final

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  1. […] We would like to welcome a new name to Stonycroft, Lilania Begley! She will be writing romance, mystery, and today we’re revealing her debut effort, Farmhand. This is a novella inspired by a lifetime of reading the likes of Louis L’Amour, Gene Stratton Porter, and WEB Griffin. Complicated mix? Read and find out just how real her characters seem to you! Set in the blue hills of the West, you can read excerpts of it here at Bluehills Romance. […]

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