Bonnet’s Books

Or, why I love used bookstores and exploring my new home state… 

We were in Dayton yesterday evening for a meet-up with friends. As the evening of beer tasting, food, cigars and tall tales went on, I excused myself and slipped off on a little errand of my own. I’d been in Bonnet’s Books once before. Unfortunately, the tight quarters and leaning stacks of books set the First Reader’s claustrophobia off, and we’d left without much of a chance to really shop. This time I was going on my own, and I had a little list of books I was looking for.  

Bonnet's Books
Books, books everywhere! And crazy kitsch, and DVDs and everything you can imagine. Or at least that’s how it looks.

I had fun. I found two out of the three books I was looking for – and, bonus, for less than buying them on Amazon with shipping – both of them for research on a writing project. Bonnet’s is one of those stores, with odd-shaped shelves, teetering stacks of books, and eclectic oddments literally everywhere (see the pictures?) that I have a great affection for. Sure, I had to ask for help to find what I needed, but that was only because I knew I had thirty minutes before the shop closed. And besides that, if I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have had a really nice conversation with the shop owner about science fiction, the state of fandom, and the Hugo Awards. It was pleasant, even if I likely did keep him from closing on time!

If you’re passing through Dayton, or live nearby and didn’t know about it, I highly recommend a trip. Who knows what you will find in there, and I know next time I do go, I will be carrying a longer list! Also, a bag of books – he offers credit for used books in good condition.  

Bonnet's Books
It’s like an infinity of bookshelves, as far as the eye can see…

2 thoughts on “Bonnet’s Books

  1. Cedar-
    If you’re in Columbus, stop by the Bookloft in German Village. 631 S. 3rd St, maybe a half mile south off I-70 down town. Don’t forget to pick up a map at the desk, or you may be there a little longer than you intended.

    Your First Reader should probably stay outside – maybe enjoy Schmidt’s Fudge Haus a couple of blocks away.
    Don’t forget to try eating at Schmidt’s – they have a buffet, so you don’t have to choose. Insider tip – only get one cream puff – to share.

    There’s also the Village Bookshop on the north side of town, 2424 West Dublin Granville Rd. (route 161, west of route 315), it’s in a converted church building.

    I miss civilization.

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