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Book Launches and TulKon

It’s been an exciting month. Buying a home, seeing an anthology come out with a story of mine in it, and now? AstroLizards is live! Ebook and paper copies are available at your convenience. Please don’t forget to leave a review! 

The last of my three collaborations with Lawdog, it’s a collection of three of his stories that I’ve illustrated. AstroLizards is the tale of two boys and their starry-eyed vision of rockets to the moon… manned by lizards naturally. Sapper Lizards brings us back to those ever-patient lizards as the boys try to set up an early defense system for their home. And last but certainly not least, the tale of the Major, a gecko commando who would take on literally anything. 

I will have a couple of copies at TulKon, and Lawdog will be there, so this is your rare chance to own something signed by both of us! If you’re coming, I recommend buying your own copy through Amazon, if you want to be sure of getting a copy as I do anticipate selling out rapidly after the book launch party. 

I believe there may be a few, and I emphasize few again, copies of Ghosts of Malta at the con as well, but that’s not my department. So again, best way to ensure a copy is to grab it from Amazon and bring it along. 

I will be on panels at TulKon, I’m told, so I’m packing pretty dresses and getting ready to be full author persona there. I will improvise. It’s what I do, and as a matter of fact I’ve done it professionally for almost 20 years so I guess I’m not too bad at it. As a side note, if you’ve seen me on a panel at a con, and I wasn’t presenting slides or such? I was improvising. 

I plan to see April out with a bang! And to follow up for next month? Well, watch this space… Or join me at a livestream any given Friday evening. This Friday I’ll be doing it from Tulkon at 6 pm Central Time. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel (and watch the fun little process video of the AstroLizards art while you’re there) click the notification bell, and you’ll be reminded.