Book Reviews by Cedar

These are links to reviews, I will update this weekly with new links as I post them. I’m going to slowly go back through the archives, the problem being that I sometimes reviewed multiple books and don’t recall what or when. I’m including what the genre of the book is, if you’re looking for something to read! I’m also setting it up so you can see what is coming for review, but be aware that it is subject to change, as I don’t always manage to stay on schedule with my reading, and occasionally my First Reader will help out with a review.


Peter Grant’s Stand Against the Storm: Space Opera

The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Cooking: How to Make the Most Out of Nothing in the Kitchen: Non-fiction, Cookbook

Scott Robinson’s The Last Great Hero: Epic Fantasy

Recently Reviewed

Eric Brown and Jason Cordova’s The Hand of God: Space Opera

LA Behm’s Martian Aria: Hard Science Fiction

The Curmudgeon Reviewed – Jim Butcher’s Skin Game: Urban Fantasy

The Curmudgeon Reviewed – David Drake and John Lambshead’s Into the Hinterlands: Space Opera

Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for the Food: Non-fiction, cookbook

Sabrina Chase’s Bureau of Substandards: Humorous fantasy

Chris Hernandez’s Proof of Our Resolve: Military Fiction

Reviewed in 2014

Brad Torgerson’s The Chaplain’s War: Military Science Fiction

Anthology Twisty Christmas: Children’s Stories

Sam Schall’s Duty from Ashes: Space Opera

Dave Freer’s Joy Cometh in the Mourning: Mystery

Multiple authors, Eugie Foster, Ian Fleming, and more…

Two reviews: Stephen Simmon’s Galileo Syndrome and Kris Keldaran’s Jaxson: Science fiction and romance

Fun-size reviews of short stories

Bill Roger’s Bluebell Hollow: mystery

L Jagi Lamplighter’s Unexpected Enlightment of Rachel Griffin: Young Adult Fantasy

Jack July’s Amy Lynn: Action

Two reviews: JL Curtis’ The Gray Man and Jerry Lawson’s No Network Found: thriller and science fiction/alternate history

David Pascoe’s Baptism by Fire: Urban Fantasy

Antonio Garrido’s The Corpse Reader: Historical fiction

Kevin J Anderson’s Death Warmed Over: Urban Fantasy (humor)

John Ringo’s Black Tide Rising: zombies

Biography of Norman Borlaug: non-fiction

Glenn Reynold’s The New School: non-fiction

James Young’s An Unproven Concept: space opera

Alma Boykin’s Elizabeth of Starland: science fiction/historical

Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nemesis: Urban Fantasy



And many more… I will add a few links from time to time.