Books, Books, Books!

A book promo post with a twist

I have a new release out! 

Also, a note – if you click through a link to Amazon from my blog, it’s an affiliate link. I get a little bit (tiny, but it adds up) from these links, it costs you nothing, and it’s what keeps the lights on for this blog, as it’s pretty much the only direct income I get from the blog. So please do click, and buy… doesn’t have to be the books (although supporting your local authors is a worthy cause, yes?). 

Crow Moon is a collection of eight fantasy stories I’ve written over the years. I believe you’ll find them an interesting mix of themes, styles, and pacing. Let me know which is your favorite! 

Next up, John van Stry’s Summer’s End which I devoured in almost a single sitting last night. This is his debut novel with Baen, and I for one am really hoping he’s got some sequels up his sleeve for this book. John does a masterful job writing a fun book, with enough techno-geek stuff to make it Hard SF, while the characters will draw you into the story and keep you reading happily. I really ought to sit down and write up a full review, but I think I’ll re-read first.

Finally, because it’s been a good week for book readers everywhere… 

Jason Fuesting’s latest dropped so quietly I didn’t even realize it was out. I did the cover for this, as I have for all of his books, and I’m very pleased with it. 

This We’ll Defend is the third book in his Mil SF series, and if you haven’t been reading them you’ll want to start at the beginning. They are a darker, grittier space opera, with a definite military (well, privateer) twist to them. In the third book we find our heroes temporarily planet bound, but I don’t think that’s going to last long… and no, I’m not going to spoiler the book! 



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  1. Boosting the signal. Not that anyone ever reads my blog. Not that I usually update more than once a month or so.

    1. Every little bit helps. Jason, John and I aren’t too proud to turn down any offers to boost the signal. Thank you!