Books! Books!

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The print version of the anthology is now available! Eleven stories about young folks having adventures, ranging from epic fantasy settings to space opera. The pivotal point of their lives is changing, but they have family, and that’s the most important foundation they could stand on to face the unexpected alone. 

Adventure Stories for Young Readers is now available in trade paperback. Just in time for Christmas buying! 

Looking for a little more grown up story for yourself (or a friend)? You really should read this one. 

A Perfect Day With Explosions is Dorothy Grant’s latest, and I think it’s her best yet. Which is saying something as I have enjoyed all of her books. Tactically correct romance… it’s not a subgenre yet, but if she keeps writing these, it will be. Action adventure with impeccably researched action, married with sweet romantic scenes you might not have expected… it works. These are real people having real experiences, you’ll feel. The tactics are sound, on several levels! 


Pam Uphoff has a new one out, as well (ok, this is Pam, by the time I write this, there will be another one out!) a spinoff of her main and longrunning Wine of the Gods series. Igor is an agent, and he’s been handed a dilemma – family? Or… what defines family? 

Lord Axel Ivan Vinogradov Is a Mentalist with the Fast Reaction Teams that protect the small population of the Sanctioned Research World of Siberia Max from acquisitive Cross dimensional Worlds.

As the Three Part Alliance crumbles, Axel–code name Igor–finds himself overstretched between his duty, and his family. Especially after he is accused of murdering his corrupt and very much not-loved uncle.