Books! Getcher Books Here!


This is a book promo post! There are some new releases I’d like to bring your attention to. If you’re looking for reading material, then this is the post for you. 

Some of my favorite authors, both their work and themselves, are here today. It’s a good day for a promo. (And a small reminder here: if you purchase anything through these links, it gets me a little commission. Nice to keep the blog lights on, but costs you nothing. Thanks!)

Jim Curtis has a new one out – April Fool –  it’s not a novel, but does it matter with a good story? 

Sean ‘Mac’ McCampbell just wants to keep his head down, avoid the riots, and finish his Linguistics PhD before his GI Bill runs out. But when the professors are promoting insurrection and the cops won’t contain the violence, Mac finds trouble won’t leave the people and places he loves alone.

Alma Boykin has a new Familiars book out! Whee! Knowingly Familiar is part of a series, so you may want to begin at the beginning if you haven’t been reading along with me. 

When Ghosts Walk . . .

Something moves. A Mesopotamian curse sends ripples through the magical community of Riverton. Mages André and Lelia Lestrang find themselves fighting ghosts from their past. The battle draws them closer to Master Saldovado and the clans, closer perhaps than Lelia’s heart dares to go. How long before Patrick Lee and Riverton’s other magic users demand answers about the clans? The Familiars are keeping the secret. For now.

James Young continues his sweeping alternate history epic of the war between nations that in our timeline, was called the Pacific Theater of WWII, with Against the Tide Imperial

Well, here’s to hope that my gamble is correct. For if I am wrong, I may truly regret this decision.—Vice Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi, commander of the Kido Butai

July 1943. When the United Kingdom was torn asunder under a hail of German firebombs and nerve gas, the distant outpost of Ceylon was an afterthought for both Allies and Axis. Now, one year after King George VI’s death, the small island off of India becomes center stage for a titanic confrontation.

The Ever-delightful Pam Uphoff has a standalone novel with Double Dragons. Check it out! And then dip into her sprawling Wine of the Gods series, if you dare… 

Lieutenant Scarlet Magana was trained as ship’s crew, but it’s a good thing she also had dirt-side scouting training . . .

A distant planet. A damaged hyperspace colony ship. Lieutenant Magana and the rest of the crew discover that not only are they not the first arrivals . . . they may well be the third.

And then there are the dragons . . . and a serial killer.

J.M. Anjewierden has a new fantasy out, Keepers of the Wind

For a thousand years the outlawed priestesses of Meda have preserved the religion of the Fris, safeguarding what scraps and fragments they could.
For a thousand years the Alven Empire stamped out all other religions in favor of their false gods.
But the Alven dug too deep, releasing the demons of earth, terrible monsters they cannot hope to fight.
All that can stand against them is Fleur and the other priestesses.
A couple of my favorite people in Murphy’s Lawless! Chuck Gannon and Kacey Ezell are great folks, and join a gang of good writers in this anthology. 
Major Rodger Y. Murphy should have died when his helicopter crashed off the coast of Mogadishu in November, 1993. Instead, he woke up in August, 2125, in a binary star system 152 light years from home. Without any memory of the otherworldly abductors who spirited them away in cold sleep, Murphy and 100 other “Lost Soldiers” have been retrieved and awakened by officers of the Consolidated Terran Republic.
And in a surprise to me, I have a book out! It’s not that I didn’t know I’d pressed the publish button. I’m not that absent minded! But I hadn’t expected things to move this fast. And now, for something completely different… 
The Cute Moose
It’s not available in print yet. I’ll be trumpeting it from the rooftops when it is. But you can get in ahead of the crowd with an ebook version if you’d like. 
It’s a moostery! Where can the cute moose be? In these pages you’ll find meese, and geese, and possibly bees. This richly illustrated, full-color read-aloud book is filled with silly verse. See if you can find the missing moose, and discover all sorts of other things along the way.