Books on Sale, Cheap!

When was the last time you could pick up a novel for only three dollars? Much less nearly one hundred of them? Oh, I don’t expect that you will buy ALL of the ones on the list, but it’s the first annual Labor Day Independents Book Sale!

For a full list of titles and authors, check this out, compiled by the ever-patient Amanda Green.

For a shorter list of Mad Geniuses, look here. Yes, Trickster Noir, The Eternity Symbiote, and Vulcan’s Kittens are on that list for only $2.99! (I think I’m running out of exclamation points)

But wait, there’s more! 

Starting tomorrow, my best-selling novel Pixie Noir will be on sale for less than a dollar (okay, a penny less than a dollar, but technically…) and over the next few days it will incrementally rise a little at a time to the original price of just less than five dollars. Already own it? Remember, you can give an ebook as a gift easily, and you don’t need a special e-reader to read an ebook.

Wait, wait, don’t go yet! 

Also starting tomorrow, Saturday, my children’s tale Fairy Little Sister will be FREE! That’s right, this sweet little tale of a boy and his baby sister will be yours for the mere click of a button. You really can’t beat that.

Um. I’m tired. All that bouncy enthusiasm really takes it out of you. Seriously, check out the sale, share this news with others, and remember to check back tomorrow for the two specials on my books. K?

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