Books to Read


 I now have two! Two! whole novels finished and in need of revisions and edits before release. Uh. I have written myself into a corner here. Writing is fun. Editing and revising is drudgery. 

But in the meantime there are some fun books you could explore while you are waiting on mine. Well, technically for the next few days you could read the advance version of The Case of the Perambulating Hatrack, since it is here on the blog in almost entirety (I held back the final chapter wrapping up things, and as I revise will be adding, subtracting, and polishing).

First up there is the anthology Tales Around the Supper Table, which includes wonderful short stories from authors you’ll recognize if you have followed my blog for long. The First Reader has been deeply enjoying this, reporting that even though the tales are from many different genres, there are no stinkers within. He’s a pretty critical reader, so I would say that means it’s good. And it’s got a Lawdog story in it. Really, why would you not pick this one up!

Second up, the Magical Adventures of Evie Jones, a fun collection of shorts that follow a Southern Girl’s romps through magic and mysteries. I did the cover for this one, and Amie Gibbon’s stuff is fun to read. 

And then there is this, an absurdist homage to Jane Austen. A comedy of manners and.. well. Here’s the blurb: 

In a world that puts shape shifters to death, Mr. Darcy was unfortunate enough to be born as a were-dragon.
But the cruel laws don’t always find their victims. Mr. Darcy has survived and protected Mr. Bingley who is a werewolf.
Meanwhile, in Hertfordshire, Lizzy has been protecting her sister Jane who turns into a beautiful hunting dog.
When Mr. Bingley rents Netherfield, the Were-Laws and the shape shifting of three of them add extra complications to the flowering of romance between the well-loved couples. And Mr. Wickham. joining the Royal Were Hunters, lends additional danger to the situation.
Will they get together despite the danger, Lizzy’s active imagination and Mr. Darcy’s excessive nobility of character?

And as I am running out of time… a new installment in one of my favorite series. Alma gave me permission to use her word for a magical vet, thaumatovet, in Hatrack. If you are curious where it came from, you simply must read these books! Judiciously Familiar is book fifteen, but don’t worry, it will take you less time to read them all than you think. They pull you right in and along! 
Side note: no one pays me to promote their books. Heck, they don’t even ask. But I do use Amazon affiliate links, so I get a tiny amount if you click through a link here from the blog to buy a book. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it does help me pay for blog hosting (such as it is). So thanks!