Bounce, bounce, bounce


*doppler effect* 

Excited artist running through, waving tablet, paintbrush thrust through her twisted-up knot of hair. 

I have a new toy!

If you want to see more of my work, check it out at MidJourney. All of these were generated using a text prompt through the AI. I haven’t done anything to them in post… I go on to talk much more about this powerful new tool over at Mad Genius Club, but that will be tomorrow. Today I’m just geeking out. 



5 responses to “Bounce, bounce, bounce”

  1. The detail is insane…

  2. dakorillon Avatar

    Lovely work!

    One thing I have noticed, is they almost always have a “surreal” or impressionist type look to them, but they are very beautiful!

  3. I tried to get the program, but found considerable hassle with their use of Discord as a … security? commenting? whatever system.

    1. It is only usable through discord. It can be used on a private server, so you don’t have to be in their server because that is chaotic and overwhelming. If you’re on discord I can invite you to my server.

  4. I find the insistence on using Discord intolerable and will pass. Thank you most kindly.