Boxing Day Sale

So most of my US readers are wondering what a Boxing Day is, and if it has anything to do with Muhammed Ali. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas (today!) and traditionally it is when British employers gave their employees gifts. Here in the US we tend to celebrate it nameless, by going out and shopping the after-Christmas sales.

I decided that because ebook readers are such a popular gift for Christmas, I’d offer some special pricing on a few of my books to help you fill up your new reader without spending money you already spent giving gifts.

Cedar SandersonYou will find my young adult book Vulcan’s Kittens on sale today for less than a dollar. I am told it is fit for all ages, being a light-hearted adventure tale with mythological beings, kittens, and it was written to not talk down to the readers.

Eternity SymbioteI’ve also put The Eternity Symbiote on sale for a brief time for only $0.99. This is a short novel, a space opera tale, and it was the first novel I ever wrote.

I’m also offering one of my most popular short stories, Little Red-Hood and the Wolfman, for free from Christmas Day through Dec. 29th. Scoop it up, and pass the word on to friends!