It’s been one of those days. There ought to have been a post this morning – uploading an image glitched out, so that didn’t happen. On the other hand, my excursion to make sure that all the paperwork was indeed in order was successful, and that’s one big project off my plate. It’s not often I can say with pleasure I had to deal with the FedGov and it went swimmingly. Bonus was getting to spend some quality time with the Ginja Ninja, since she doesn’t start school until tomorrow. Perks of being a high school senior, people!

Work was slow, which is harder on me than work being busy, I feel sluggish if I am just doing paperwork all day. But these days happen.

Life happens. You turn around and your baby is off to seventh grade and talking about how much he is looking forward to algebra (he means pre-algebra, but close enough). Your oldest is off to college. The in-betweens are looking at college letters and tenth grade, respectively. You sit on the porch talking about what happens when the nest starts to empty. We have time until that happens, but still…

I need brains. I’m tired, and can’t focus on fiction so writing isn’t happening. Progress on the East Witch is slow, but it is happening. Since I’ve been asked: I’m shooting for a December release on that novel. After that, hopefully I’ll be working on the Tanager series again, with Tanager’s Flight. I have other projects jockeying for attention, but so far those are the novels planned.