Brushstrokes II

The continuing work I’m doing for Inktober, and my own amusement. Several people have encouraged me to consider doing a children’s book, for now I’m holding off on that simply because I haven’t got a story… I’m sure that will change if I think about it long enough. Art is easy to formulate in my head, sit down with the ink and a couple of brushes, and make it happen. Writing is a little more involved than that.

I saw the request for the manatee today. I’ll come back to it, promise.

Again, I will be matting and selling originals, contact me if you are interested. They will most likely be matted into 8 x 10 black mats, and with shipping will be $22.  I may rework my Etsy shop, or look at putting paypal buttons here on the site if there is interest. I will retain electronic rights to the images. All are black and white, the color is added when I photograph them for the web.

Sumi style bat painting
A bit Batty…
fluffy bunny painting
Baby Bunnies
Sumie ink barn owl
The Owl with an attitude
Sumi cat in the rain
Come in out of the rain, tiger…