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Building and Popovers

Three walls up!

The part of the Barn that will be Mica’s forge is going up fast! We have three walls up, and since it will be 16′ tall at the front and 8′ at the back, they decked all of the upper story temporarily while they assemble and raise that front wall. The upper loft will only be 4′ wide when we are finished, and is slated to be hay storage the entire length of the barn, which should be enough! Even though we had sketches, and had planned much of this before we started, the guys still stop, talk about how it’s going up, how it will be used and so on as they go, tweaking the design as needed. The lumber that Peter cut for us is true to size. In other words, his 2×6’s are acutally two inches thick and so on. Comparing them to the lumber we’d gotten from regular sources makes us realize how puny a “2×4” from the big box store had gotten. We’d over designed based on puny lumber, and are getting along with less in some places because it’s so sturdy.

Dad under cover - temporary decking for second floor construction.

Glady found a recipe on my favorite kitchen blog, Smitten Kitchen, for corn chive popovers and wanted to try making them for lunch. I highly recommend you check out the blog for the recipe! This was Glady’s first attempt at popovers and they were delicious and pretty! She is becoming quite the little cook. She made pancakes for breakfast, and Leftover Quesadillas for dinner last night with all the odd stuff that accumulates in the frig. She was bummed that she isn’t going to be able to make dinner tonight, as she will be going up to her great-grandparent’s house tonight.

Popping nicely!


Serving Corn and Chive popovers